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Partner with the Right Team to Sell Your Farmland

The future sale of your farm land, whether acquired by a purchase or an inheritance, is in good hands with The Loranda Group. We are here to work with and for you. Loranda Group has successfully helped hundreds of farm owners with no previous experience in farm real estate successfully sell their properties.

Farm Land Sales—a Complex Process

Selling farm land can require individuals with a limited understanding of their farm asset to make quick financial decisions about this complicated real estate transaction. We appreciate the emotional aspects of selling a farm and we invest the time that's needed to ensure a smooth sales process. Selling farm land is our business, and you will have our decades of experience on your side when working with Loranda.

Our Farm Land Sales Approach

Because we specialize in farm land sales, The Loranda Group can address many of the unique challenges that affect the final sale price of your land. Our steps include:

  1. Researching comparable farm land sales in your area to help establish a reasonable market price.
  2. Recommending the best sales method for selling the property—brokerage, auction, or sealed bid.
  3. Creating an advertising and promotional campaign to target potential buyers at both the local and national level.

A farm sale is uniquely different than other types of real estate transactions. As a leader in farm real estate with a team trained to work with you to achieve your goals, you can trust that your land is in good hands when working with the Loranda Group.

Your Land Sales Partner

With The Loranda Group, you will have direct access to specialists who understand the complexities of farm land sales and will guide you to accomplish your selling goals. We're more than experts--we care about your success in this process and will partner with you, helping during each step of your sale.

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