Farmland Auctions

We Maximize Returns Through Strategic Auction Marketing

The Science of Farm Land Auctions

The Loranda Group's well-developed auction marketing system attracts serious, qualified buyers to every sale, which will maximize the sale price for your agricultural land. Net proceeds from a farmland auction will often exceed those of a brokered or private sale and are received in a more timely manner. Contact Loranda to learn if your farm land is a good candidate for a farmland auction.

Proprietary computer software and an experienced farmland auction team help us market properties of any size. Our licensed auctioneers have handled many complex, multi-parcel farm land sales. Their expertise will work for you every step of the way as your farmland auction strategy is developed.

Loranda Group Auction
Loranda Group Auction

Farm Land Sales Auction Strategies Increase Returns

A well-conducted auction offers many bottom-line advantages to the seller. All terms and conditions are set by the Seller in advance, which would include the date of the sale and the closing. This saves the Seller time, fees, and frustration. Only the price is subject to negotiation and, on sale day, that price is constantly moving higher.

At a multi-parcel farm land auction, buyers can bid on any tract or combination of land tracts. All bids on individual tracts, combinations, and the whole property compete throughout the auction, maximizing the final sale price for the seller. Once a contract is signed, the actual sale takes place within about 30 days. Proceeds from the auction are typically disbursed to the seller within 45 to 60 days, which is much sooner than other marketing alternatives that may require 180 days for payment.

Need to Sell a Farm?

The future sale of your farm land, whether acquired by a purchase or an inheritance, is in good hands with The Loranda Group. We are here to work with and for you.

Looking to Buy a Farm?

We're in business to serve you. Before you start buying land, whether farm, transitional, or recreational, you should consider which features are most important to you, and then set goals and plans for the property you intend to purchase.

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