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It Starts with a Simple Phone Call

Give us a call today, and we'll share what we've learned selling farm properties in Illinois over the past 24 years with you with no obligation.  Feel free to call with any questions or we can start by asking you a few things that will help us share some insights into similar sales we've overseen.

John D. Moss

"Selling farmland is our business, and you will have our decades of experience on your side when working with Loranda. Call me anytime at (800) 716-8189 and we can discuss your sale"

- John D. Moss - Owner, The Loranda Group


Our Farm Land Sales Approach

Because we specialize in farmland sales, The Loranda Group can help you get top dollar for your land. Our steps include:

  1. Researching comparable farmland sales in your area to help establish a top dollar price.
  2. Helping you understand the benefits of the different sales methods — brokerage, auction, or sealed bid.
  3. Creating an advertising and promotional campaign to target potential buyers at both the local and national level.

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“The Loranda Group's attention to detail made a complex transaction successful and as stress-free for us as possible.”

-Jane A.

“Even with a market downturn, I did well due to Loranda's hard work.”

-Martha Gummerman

“We could not have asked for a better team—plus, they got us an excellent monetary result! ”

-Jean Johnstone

“You…brought a level of expertise that we didn’t even know we needed.”

-Marty King

“With Loranda, we probably got a couple hundred thousand more dollars out of our farm than we would have.”

-Katie Knepper

“You developed accurate and attractive marketing materials, targeted the right potential buyers, and gave the property broad exposure through the appropriate publications and on the internet.”

-Ada Shissler

“We probably got double to two-and-a-half times what we would have gotten through a traditional sale with a normal real estate agency. ”

-Bob Weller

“Their response time is very quick, and they just take care of business.”

-Steve Worner